25 years of dark energy celebrated at Paris-Saclay

On the 25-31th of October, our colleague Dr. Sebastian Trojanowski from the Particle Astrophysics group in AstroCeNT took part in the AstroParticle Symposium 2023, organized at the Pascal Institute of the Paris-Saclay University. The series of meetings discusses recent progress in studies related to the dark sector of the Universe and multimessenger astronomy.
This year, at the meeting, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the discovery of dark energy, which is currently the dominant component of the energy budget of the Universe, according to our understanding. This was highlighted with the talk by Prof. Adam G. Riess from the Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute in Maryland, US, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his research on supernovae that led to the discovery.
The discovery was later confirmed by observations of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, which keeps informing us about the dark forces shaping the Universe at the early stages of its evolution. When discussing his research at AstroCeNT, Dr Trojanowski highlighted the importance of new high-multipole CMB observations that can shed light on dark matter interactions with neutrinos.