Dr. Piotr Kalaczyński

Fields of interest

Cosmic ray and neutrino physics, Monte Carlo simulations, machine learning.


Piotr Kalaczyński is a technician at the Scientific Computing and Information Technology group at AstroCeNT.

He received his PhD in physics in 2024 at the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Warsaw, where he worked on the underwater Cherenkov neutrino telescope experiment KM3NeT. His thesis focused on simulation and modelling of cosmic ray muons in KM3NeT detectors and can be found in arXiv:2402.02620. During his PhD studies, he has also been involved in the upgrade of the Super-Kamiokande detector and in activities related to its planned successor, Hyper-Kamiokande. He did his Master degree at RWTH Aachen, where he analyzed neutrino data from the IceCube experiment, located at the South Pole. During the time in Aachen, he engaged in teaching activities at three different undergraduate courses offered by RWTH. His Bachelor studies at Lodz University of Technology were combined with a 1 year student exchange with ETH Zürich.

Since 2023, he works at AstroCeNT on software development for the DEAP3600 experiment and the ESA project. Since 2024, he is also involved at AGH Cracow in the ArtiQ project, working on automotive computer vision applications.


  • „Spectral Information Processing with Quantum Neural Networks”
    programme : ESA
    Funded by: The European Space Agency, (ESA) and The Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)
    PI: Piotr Gawron
  • „Measurement of muon flux with KM3NeT-ARCA and KM3NeTORCA detectors”
    programme : Preludium 20
    Funded by: The National Science Centre (NCN)
    PI: Piotr Kalaczyński
  • „Super-Kamiokande plus”
    programme : H2020 MSCA-RISE
    Funded by: The European Commission
    PI: Luis Labarga
  • „Indirect search for dark matter with water neutrino detectors”
    programme: SONATA BIS 5
    Funded by: The National Science Centre (NCN)
    PI: Piotr Mijakowski

Degrees and titles

doktor (PhD) in physics, NCBJ Warsaw
MSc in physics, RWTH Aachen
inżynier (B.Eng) in technical physics, Lodz University of Technology
muzyk (musician) in piano class, second grade music school in Kutno


Position in the project



pkalaczynski at camk.edu.pl