Théo Hugues


Fields of interest:

AstroParticle Physics, Boosted Dark Matter, WIMPS


Théo Hugues is a PhD Candidate at AstroCent and scholarship holder at Geoplanet Doctoral School, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center.

After completing his Bachelor of Science in Physics at the Université de Tours, Théo continued his predoctoral education within the Master of Fundamental Physics : Non Linear Physics at the Université de Tours. This master degree provided him knowledge in the wide range of topics concerned by non linear phenomena, including particle physics, quantum field theory, general relativity, cosmology, propagation of waves in complex media, disordered/chaotic systems and enhance his skill set he needed for research.

He did his master thesis on the ReD (REcoil Directionality) project where he studied the basics of the Time Projection chamber, experimental setup and data analysis techniques.

Currently, he is doing his doctoral research with Dr Marcin Kuźniak at AstroCeNT. He is working on Boosted Dark Matter search with DEAP-3600 and silicon photomultipliers data analysis with the DarkSide collaboration.

Degrees and titles

Doctoral Student at AstroCeNT and GeoPlanet Doctoral School
Master's degree in Physics, Université de Tours, Tours
BS Physics, Université de Tours, Tours


Position in the project

PhD Student in SiPM Systems for Astroparticle Physics and Medical Physics Group


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