Visiting scientist positions at AstroCeNT

We welcome scientists (physicists, engineers, programmers) at any stage of career to apply for positions of a visiting scientist to spend between one and six months at the Particle Astrophysics Science and Technology Centre “AstroCeNT” — an international center of excellence in the field of particle astrophysics, located in Warsaw, Poland. The visit, if approved, must be completed before the end of 2023.

Deadline for applications: 15 June 2023, or until the positions are filled.

The underlying motivation is to attract researchers to develop new collaborations with members of AstroCeNT in the areas of our activities and interests.

At AstroCeNT,, we conduct high-quality interdisciplinary research and development activities in the exploration of the hidden Universe, especially those related to searches and nature of for dark matter (both experiment and theory), studies of gravitational waves, especially seismic noise, as well as neutrinos. We are oriented both towards science and related innovative technology with a potential for applications in industry and medicine, contributing this way to improving and broadening the high-tech sector of the Polish economy.

Our main objectives are to make key contributions to an internationally-leading effort to detect and study ultra-faint signals from the invisible Universe. In particular, we specialize
in developing applications of integrated electronic systems based on Silicon Photo Multipliers (SiPMs) and seismic sensors.

In order to achieve its objectives, AstroCeNT has engaged in some key experimental
collaborations, primarily: DarkSide, DEAP-3600, Virgo, ET, KM3Net, and HyperKamiokande, and within the EU Twinning project DarkWave, also in CERN Neutrino Platform. Our strategic partner is Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) Laboratory in Paris, but we collaborate also with several other world-class institutions and also local partners.

A candidate for a visiting scientist’s position:

  • is expected to be a person with an established track record in the field of particle astrophysics in the areas of/close to our interests,
  • can be at any level of scientific or professional career (PhD student, postdoc, professor)

Additional information:

  • Employment type – full time (strongly preferred) or part-time
  • Duration of contract – between one and six months
  • Indicative monthly remuneration – depending on seniority (to be decided on an individual basis):
    PhD student – 3 500 PLN salary net (~ 750 EUR)
    Postdoc – 9 000 PLN salary net (~ 1 930 EUR)
    Professor – 18 000 PLN salary net (~ 3 820 EUR)
  • Travel and accommodation – to be covered by the visitor.

The candidates are asked to send:

1) CV and a short proposal of joint research with AstroCeNT scientists
2) Scan of signed GDPD form (available from ).

Please send your documents to:

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the International Scientific Committee of AstroCeNT just after the deadline of 15 June 2023.

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