Piotr Berta

Fields of interest:

Innovation, technology, Science 2 Business, management, financing, European funds


Petr Berta is an experienced specialist in finding financing opportunities for innovative projects.

For many years he has been involved in supporting technological projects in obtaining public funds and preparing for capital financing in the seed stage. For several years he worked as a mentor in acceleration programs for Polish and foreign startups.

Piotr cooperated with entrepreneurs in the preparation of research and investment projects under the POIR and Horizon 2020. He also participated in the settlement of OPIG projects. He has experience in the public sector and the business environment – in Poland and abroad.

At Astrocent, Piotr takes the position of a technology broker. He deals with establishing contacts with the business community and transforming scientific solutions into a commercial product.

Degrees and titles

Master’s degree in European Studies from the University of Warsaw
Postgraduate studies in International Economics at the University of Warsaw


Position in the project

Technology Broker


pberta at camk.edu.pl


(+48) 22 120 18 21