Łukasz Radzikowski

Fields of interest

Public finance, public procurement, EU projects


Łukasz Radzikowski is a graduate of the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities of the University of Warsaw. From the beginning of his professional career, he has been associated with entities operating in the field of culture and national heritage.

From 2010, he was an employee, associate and consultant of many cultural institutions, as well as public universities and research and development units. 

Since 2017, he has been employed at the National Digital Archives as the Head of the Administrative Department. At AstroCeNT, he deals with issues related to public procurement as well as managing and accounting for projects co-financed by the European Union. It also cooperates with entities from outside the public finance sector.

He spends his free time exploring the philosophical foundations of preschool and early school education. He checks the results of his investigations empirically by co-raising three children.


Position in the project

Public Procurement Officer


lradzikowski at camk.edu.pl


(+48) 22 120 18 29