Dr Masato Kimura


Fields of interest:

Particle Physics, liquid-argon detector, dark matter


Dr. Masato Kimura is an experimental physicist in particle physics.

He obtained his Ph.D degree from Waseda University in Tokyo in 2021 on Research Fellowships for Young Scientists of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
His thesis consists of basic study on liquid-argon detector which is applicable to direct dark matter search.

From September 2021, he works as a postdoc at AstroCeNT in the Ultrapure SiPMs and Associated Readout Electronics group. He is working with a member of DarkSide group and pursuits the dark matter detection by developing a very sensitive liquid argon detector which could search the WIMP dark matter with the world’s best sensitivity.

Degrees and titles

PhD from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
MSc in Physics from Waseda University, Tokyo


Position in the project

Postdoctoral Researcher in Ultrapure SiPMs and Associated Readout Electronics group


mkimura at camk.edu.pl